Hopping mad

Letter to The Weekly Telegraph published 2-8 October/issue 1156

SIR -- I'M A HOPPING MAD EXPAT. Hopping mad because of Lib Deb Home office minister Jeremy Browne's statement that "Britons who retire overseas contribute little to the local economy" (report issue 1156).

THIS IS NONSENSE. I and most of the 250,000 who live in France bought property with money from outside France and employed a team of French workers to renovate it, paying them with money earned outside France.

MOREOVER MY WIFE AND I live on pensions that we earned in the United Kingdom and are paid by the UK. Each month we contribute several thousand euros to the French economy. We are looked after by the excellent French health service and I have had two major but happily successful major operations, both expensive.


Each month David Cameron signs a whopping cheque payable to the French equivalent of the NHS, for us British living in France. We are not freeloaders living at the expense of the French economy... and what's more the British even give the French, at no charge,new words to enliven their language.

Dr William Larkworthy Malaucene, France.

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Bill Larkworthy | Reply 06.10.2013 10.26

I agree Jonathan, and tell me, how many Eastern Block people bring a penny to England, leave alone buy a house? Thank you for your comment. Bill

Jonathan | Reply 06.10.2013 02.56

Even more egregious is that British allow Germans, Poles and Eastern block people to live in England but WW2 people such NZ shunned. Not allowed to stay

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23.09 | 06:13

I like the blog post a lot.

09.09 | 10:45

Thank you for writing, there's a lot about Nocton in my memoir inc. a staff picture , are you in it? If so, where? Enjoy the books. Best wishes. Bill

08.09 | 19:40

Dr Larkworthy,I have just heard about your books and have ordered them .
I believe we served together at Nocton
May you be ingoodhealth,they were good days

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