Pleasures of Old London Town

WHILE I WAS WORKING AT ST GEORGE'S HOSPITAL IN SOUTH LONDON I encountered the TOOTING FLASHER. Yet again he had been brought to the Casualty Department... this was over thirty years ago and I doubt that he is still following his chosen career.

As you'd expect he was dressed in a grubby brown raincoat but he also wore a collar and tie, shirt and grey flannel trousers -- or did he? Only the cuffs of a shirt were attached to the cuffs of his raincoat, the collar and tie with just a rim of shirt were sewn into the collar of the raincoat and attached to the bottom of the raincoat was a pair of trouser legs, through which were thrust his legs.

HE PERFORMED, i.e. FLASHED, by grasping each side of his raincoat and with a pantomime leer, thrust the coat open, to the delight of passers-by on Tooting Broadway. Invariably the entertainment ended when a bunch of yobs beat him up, but I guess that gave him a touch of masochistic pleasure and also enabled him to bow out in style when the ambulance was called.

Ah me! Our pleasures in that bygone era were simple and inexpensive.

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08.05 | 22:44

Mike, I am Maria, widowof Bill. I have been out of touch with your mum Plse can i have news if you get this. I had fun with your Dad and pray for him.

16.08 | 10:56

Thank you, and how are you now?

16.08 | 10:00

You were a beacon in my gloomy journey with UC! I loved coming to see you!

16.08 | 09:58

Yes I was!!! I was 7 and a half when I started seeing you for post hospital Ulcerative Colitis and stayed under your care for years till late 90s! Mom says hi!