Queen disgusted by pregancy,babies and breastfeeding

IF QUEEN VICTORIA FOUND PREGNANCY "quite disgusting" and babies "too much like frogs" why did she have nine babies herself? There were two reasons. The first is that she and Prince Albert were very fond of each other and of bedroom exercise. The second was that she found the idea of breast feeding as repugnant as pregnancy itself, so she employed a succession of wet nurses.(Lactation is, of course, a form of birth control, as ovulation is suppressed).

AND WHY DID SHE STOP AT NINE? The answer was, indirectly, through the enthusiastic libido of their first-born son, called "Bertie" by the family and destined to become King Edward VII.

ALBERT LEARNED THROUGH GOSSIP AND the foreign press that Bertie had placed an actress "in a very delicate situation". He decided to travel by coach in the bitter winter weather from Windsor to Cambridge to "sort out " Bertie.

ON THE WAY BACK, he caught a chill and took to his bed when he reached Windsor. He developed a fever and died. No more offspring and Victoria wore black for the rest of her long life.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their nine children

Jean Sasson 18.01.2013 03:34

So very interesting, Dr. Larkworthy, as all your writings!

Bill 12.01.2013 17:15

Martine, I hope to have a new book out soon, one chapter entitled
'Whose breast is Best? Mammaries of old Paris.'
More about la Reine V, les nourrices etc

Martine 12.01.2013 16:17

Très drôle! Merci
Stéphane Bern présente une émission qui s'appelle "Secrets d'Histoire": l'une concernait la Reine V et le titre en était: "l"empire des sens"

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