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I'm no geneticist but I do know that in female cells there is a blob called the Barr Body. That blob is the inactive X chromosome and is most easily spotted in white blood cells. So when children are confused about their gender, and PC adults think they should be allowed to choose whether they prefer to be male or female, why not first determine their genetic sex by looking for Barr Bodies? That should tell all parties which way to go. Barr Bodies present, they're female; if the child thinks she's male put her back on track with counselling (also counsel the PC adults). If Barr Bodies are absent, and they have a fancy to think themselves female, they should also be counselled. Same for adults who think themselves transgender, look for Barr Bodies or even look at their genome, tell them which sex they properly are genetically, before they undergo drastic,and if I may say surgery which produces a result as genuine as a wooden leg is to an amputee, and I for sure don't know, but lacking its utility.

We are all genetically female for the first six weeks of our embryonic life, then, if we possess the Y chromosome the embryonic gonads make androgens and sex expression is male with all its 'attachments.' Read Chapter Two in Sin, Sex, Scandal and Doctoring where you will learn that Good Queen Bess was probably genetically male but she had what used to be called, the Testicular Feminisation Syndrome (now Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome). It is unlikely that to do it just satisfy curiosity about her genome will be reason enough to open her lead-lined coffin entombed in Westminster Abbey, so any theorising about why she called herself the Virgin Queen throughout her life will remain just that, hypothetical. Gender determination is in the Genes; although gazing at some of the young ladies in my small French town gender is obvious in the Jeans.

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09.09 | 10:45

Thank you for writing, there's a lot about Nocton in my memoir inc. a staff picture , are you in it? If so, where? Enjoy the books. Best wishes. Bill

08.09 | 19:40

Dr Larkworthy,I have just heard about your books and have ordered them .
I believe we served together at Nocton
May you be ingoodhealth,they were good days

06.09 | 13:11

Dar Anonymous, If you like the wy it was written you should try my books DOCTOR LARK - th benefits of a medical education and Sin,Sex,Scandal etc.

06.09 | 13:06

Elizabeth -- are you a Larkworthy?

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