Combat ideology with ideology

Combat ideology with ideology


You can’t deradicalise Muslim terrorist extremists; they have to be contained, controlled and defeated militarily. That said, it is vital that Muslim children of the upcoming generation, be protected from Islamic Extremism…this can be done only by Muslim clerics, teachers and the Muslim community itself. Young Muslims won’t take notice of what Kafira (unbelievers) say about their religious beliefs.


Islamic extremists are absolutely convinced that they are soldiers of Allah; what they do, they do in His name; when they die, they die for Him, and they will be revered, by those they leave on earth, as martyrs. They will be instantly ushered into Allah’s presence, their bodies will be restored to unblemished youth and they will enjoy spiritual and physical eternity in Paradise.

Whatever their actions… slitting the throat of an 85 year old Catholic priest; hacking off the head of a young soldier in a London Street, mass shooting of young people enjoying themselves in a Paris nightclub, setting fire to a petrol-drenched young Jordanian pilot in a cage, driving a lorry into a crowd and slaughtering 84 men, women and children, or throwing gays off tall buildings… they are all done in the name of Allah. To make sure we understand this, they repeatedly cry, “Allah hu Akbar,” Allah is the greatest, the almighty, the most powerful, etc., as they perform their ghastly deeds, and in doing them, provoke exactly what they intend: fear, hatred, chaos, panic, and international phobic anxiety.

Islamic terrorists have an unshakeable certainty of purpose. One cannot negotiate with them, their intention is to kill and themselves be killed, martyred, in the process.  

En masse there is no way their evil beliefs can be changed, or they can be deradicalised? Denmark and Saudi Arabia claim success in this approach which, however, can only be local, not worldwide. How can the hundreds of thousands of followers of DAESH, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and countless other terrorist cults be entered into mass deradicalisation programmes?

We are told that the so-called Caliphate of DAESH is on the verge of defeat by military means, by air attacks supported land attacks. But this is only the beginning, all worldwide Islamic extremist terrorist organisations must also be dealt with militarily. They are out to kill all non-believers, and that includes those Muslims, the vast majority, who do not subscribe to their perverted interpretation of the Qur’an. The defeat of the inchoate caliphate will lead reflexly to more worldwide terrorist attacks killing at random by not only organised cells but also by individual fanatics.

Across the planet all nations must cooperate in the exchange of intelligence and support each other's security measures; these are vital for world safety.  These measures, nevertheless, will not affect extremist ideology; what is needed is forward planning… pre-emptive action, to prevent upcoming generations of Muslims being radicalised.

There are said to be 1.6 billion Muslims on our planet; the vast majority are peaceful but they, and only they themselves, will be able to provide the foundations on which Islamic terrorism, which has stolen their religion, can eventually be eradicated.

Muslims believe in Judgement Day, the Afterlife, Heaven and Hell. Islam teaches that it is sinful to harm women; children, the aged, the sick and the infirm…it is also sinful to randomly take human lives. In Sharia terrorism has a special word, hirabah, which has been neatly defined by an Islamic scholar, Khaled Abou el Fadl, Professor of Islamic Studies at UCLA, as, “Killing by stealth and targetting defenceless victims in a way to cause terror in society.”

Throughout the world, in Mosques, in Madrassahs, from New York to Islamabad, from Paris to Riyadh, Muslim children must be taught that what Islamic terrorists are doing is against Islamic Law and will lead Allah to condemn them to Hell. The Muslim Hell is described over and over in the Qur’an as the place where sinners roast for eternity in a fiery pit or in a cauldron of boiling tar.

Teaching that terrorism inevitably leads the terrorist to Hell has to be drummed in from an early age. Muslim children must be left in no doubt that such teaching is based on the Qur’an and Islamic Law. Teaching must be given by clerics, Imams, schoolteachers, scholars and must also include family heads. Experience has shown that what Aristotle and the Jesuits said, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man,” has a great deal of truth in it. The message for young Muslim minds is straightforward and simple, if you do what these evil, so-called “Islamic” terrorists do, you will be punished…you will spend eternity in Hell. 

There is an urgent need for Muslim demonstrations against terrorist activities; demonstrations may not influence the current generation of terrorists but will ensure a feeling of solidarity between Muslims and influence their children. The massive displays of solidarity in France after Charlie Hebdo and playing, in defiance, the scheduled football match between England and France immediately after the Paris massacre, are all very well but where are the mass demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of Muslims? A real or imagined offence against their religion prompts chanting, placard-waving crowds to appear on the streets but where are they when their religion is insulted by brutal terrorist attacks?

True there has been condemnation by Muslims of the actions of Islamic terrorists, and indignation at their labelling themselves ‘Islamic’, but the reactions have been lukewarm. Why don’t we see the huge, mass demonstrations that every terrorist act demands? Why only the occasional fatwa? Why do we not hear of clerics telling these Islamic terrorists that by their actions Allah will condemn them to Hell? Is the Muslim silent majority silent because it is afraid to speak out? Or is there some deep, underlying reason that we non-Muslims, we kafira, are not privy to? PERHAPS it's because many Muslims, including Muslim teachers, interpret their holy book, the Qu'ran, as instructing them to kill can that be dealt with? Liberal Muslims must change their beliefs, liberal Muslims, after all, tell us that Islam is a religion of peace.

It is high time that thousands of millions of Muslims worldwide woke to the fact that they have a crucial and major role to play in fighting the ideology of extremists who have stolen their religion.

And it is high time that the Islamophobes of the world turned their thoughts and energies to how to bring an end to Islamic extremism and not to revel in sick jokes, frightening statistics and the fostering of Islamophobic hatred.

And one final point – why are there no geriatric terrorists, is it all down to waning testosterone levels? Even the very old are capable of wearing a vest packed with explosives and tottering into a shopping mall; or driving a bomb-laden car into a bus queue. Martyrdom promises instant rejuvenation and the ability to enjoy all the spiritual and physical pleasures of paradise...wouldn't you think that ideology would be very attractive to those suffering the fatigue and pains of old age? And like most old folk, the fear of death.

William Larkworthy 16.08.2021 10:56

Thank you, and how are you now?

William Larkworthy 16.08.2021 09:27

Yes, I am that Dr Larkworthy. Your name rings a distant bell, were you one of my patients?

Salma Fadel 16.08.2021 10:00

You were a beacon in my gloomy journey with UC! I loved coming to see you!

Salma Fadel 16.08.2021 09:58

Yes I was!!! I was 7 and a half when I started seeing you for post hospital Ulcerative Colitis and stayed under your care for years till late 90s! Mom says hi!

Salma Fadel 15.08.2021 20:51

Hi, are you the Dr Larkworthy the Gastroenterologist who was at the Dubai London Clinic in the 90's?

leo 11.06.2019 12:06

great intuition and so much sense...

Alan Billyeald 25.10.2017 07:32

Thanks Bill! You have hit the nail on the head.

Martine 28.10.2016 19:24

J'ai fait des fautes de français... Oups... misère intellectuelle désirée...(féminin), imposée...

Martine 28.10.2016 19:22

Coucou Bill,
C'est la misère intellectuelle qui domine le monde, misère intellectuelle, non seulement désiré mais imposé par les puissances financières...

Murray 14.12.2015 04:11

Well thought out Bill. One can only hope someone of influence may pick this line up and commence a new avenue of tackling the Islamic extremist problem.

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Mike, I am Maria, widowof Bill. I have been out of touch with your mum Plse can i have news if you get this. I had fun with your Dad and pray for him.

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Thank you, and how are you now?

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You were a beacon in my gloomy journey with UC! I loved coming to see you!

16.08 | 09:58

Yes I was!!! I was 7 and a half when I started seeing you for post hospital Ulcerative Colitis and stayed under your care for years till late 90s! Mom says hi!