1. Used extensively in European countries, especially France and Malta.

2. First used in 1583.

3. I could have been named after it.

4. Is it an illusion?

5. for Larks it's alluring.

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Bill Larkworthy | Reply 06.11.2016 20.24

Quite right Martine it's a lure for attracting larks.It is spun and looks to larks like a pool of water, they flock to it for a drink, trapped, popped in a pie

Martine Nachef | Reply 28.10.2016 21.13

C'est le haut d'un ancien miroir aux alouettes, normalement mécanique? Gros bisous Bill et Maria

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09.09 | 10:45

Thank you for writing, there's a lot about Nocton in my memoir inc. a staff picture , are you in it? If so, where? Enjoy the books. Best wishes. Bill

08.09 | 19:40

Dr Larkworthy,I have just heard about your books and have ordered them .
I believe we served together at Nocton
May you be ingoodhealth,they were good days

06.09 | 13:11

Dar Anonymous, If you like the wy it was written you should try my books DOCTOR LARK - th benefits of a medical education and Sin,Sex,Scandal etc.

06.09 | 13:06

Elizabeth -- are you a Larkworthy?

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