This is Bill with his wife Maria on the terrace of their home in Provence about to sample a glass of Cotes du Rhone Villages rouge.

DOCTOR LARK is Bill Larkworthy, a man with a sharp eye for the humourous side of the human condition. In more than forty years in various countries he treated the great, the good, the fit and the fat, heroes villains and an assortment of oddballs

'DOCTOR LARK - the benefits of a medical education'
Bill combines mirth with astute observations for an insider's view of the military, social and medical developments of the last half century.

 A funny and vivid account of how Bill used his medical degree to provide a passport to the world. 

"Interesting and well written... a winner" - Peter Mayle author of
A Year in Provence

"Rattling good tales... a great book" - Andrew Taylor author of
Travelling the Sands


and on Amazon Kindle, ipod, Nook,etc.,

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Mike Forster | Reply 14.08.2017 18.24

Bill, Dad has been in all day, so is worried you have the wrong number. Could you send him an email at so he can send correct number?

Bill Larkworthy 14.08.2017 19.07


Mike Forster | Reply 14.08.2017 13.44

Hi Bill, This is Mike Forster, Bob and Alison Forster's son. Bob is wondering if you had a chance to give them a call in Scotland. He is about to turn 90.

Bill Larkworthy 14.08.2017 18.07

Hello Mike, I hsve called yyour parents in Scotland but no response. Will call again. Bill

audrey Anstead | Reply 26.07.2017 18.15

Not sure if you received my reply? our 'e' Add. was correct, look fwd. to seeing your reply. Please try daughtr (Nearby)
Poss' retry us

Audrey Anstead | Reply 25.07.2017 18.25 hear! E' add. correct '' SVP re try, or to(fille): , she's near us, and easy contact. A bientot. A

Audrey Anstead | Reply 23.07.2017 20.00

We wondered what had happened to Stephen, friend of our Paul, at Gt.Walstead. We lived opp. you Butterworth. 1968. Could you mail svp:theansteads34@

Bill Larkworthy 25.07.2017 16.03

Audrey I wrote a letter to you but the address was not accepted...have I got it right? Bill

Bill Larkworthy | Reply 14.05.2017 17.30

Jacqui, somehow I overlooked giving you my email address, it's in the box and I hope you get it. Best wishes Bill

Jacqui | Reply 24.10.2016 18.06

Would you mind giving me your email address, just so I can say thank you properly for all you did for me? Mum says hello too and remembers you fondly.

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Thank you for writing, there's a lot about Nocton in my memoir inc. a staff picture , are you in it? If so, where? Enjoy the books. Best wishes. Bill

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